Legalkite for insurance companies

Capture the knowledge of your insurance department directly on your policies.

Turn insurance policies into your knowledge repository.


  • The daily work of claim handlers, underwriters and brokers heavily relies on the interpretation and implementation of the provisions of insurance policies.
  • The knowledge generated and acquired through the day-to-day practice of policy design and implementation is usually not captured in a form that makes it easily accessible by the rest of the team.


  • The logic of your knowledge repository is universally understood in your organization.
  • The knowledge sits directly on a document that you consult on a regular basis. Since it is integrated in your work habits, you achieve higher team adhesion and increase the chances of triggering contributions.
  • Notes are linked to articles of your policy
    • Prevents duplications
    • Enables automatic content portability across versions of the same policy and removes the need for manual dissemination.
    • The knowledge is constantly up-to-date, since any modification of the document wording depreciates the notes sitting on a version with an amended wording.
  • Since your notes are linked with their context, namely the text of your policies and also with one another, you end up with a knowledge graph. This graph can then serve to train an AI model without the need for data cleaning (deduplication, removal of outdated content, identification of the context, formating). Our API allows plugging AI tools to your knowledge repository.


your policies or any legal document and start annotating them in a collaborative way.
open or closed group by department or by topic.
content access levels.
Legalkite on your own cloud and keep total control over the data.
Legalkite with other apps such as Microsoft Copilot and reap the benefits of the captured knowledge in infinite ways.
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